NVIDIA’s Ampere will have a 12-pin GPU. We’ve all but seen confirmations of it, down to the physical hardware to accommodate it. It’s huge news, because claims that gamers may need to upgrade their power supplies may be true.

Well, somewhat true.

VideoCardz reported on a cable produced by Seasonic that’s already shipped to Twitter user @9550pro. Seasonic claimed that it’s just a test unit, but it’s not too believable a statement considering the photo, below.

Not only has the packaging been designed, we even have a recommended PSU rating. 850W as a recommendation…that’s more than what NVIDIA recommended to me with an SLI system and top-of-the-line components a few years back. For a single card! 

It’s always possible that this is for something else entirely, such as a new Titan GPU, or a not-yet-announced GPU. Anything that this cable can be for other than an upcoming top-grade consumer GPU is just better news. The expected RTX 3090, if it uses this new 12-pin connector, will be the best-kept secret in modern tech history. Sure, we’ve got so many rumors about Ampere, including this one, but not a single peep from PSU makers?

Whatever the case, 850W is a huge requirement for a single GPU. The current Titan RTX requires only 280W, so a whole system with one shouldn’t require more than a 500W PSU. I’d recommend at least 600W but a 750W PSU would be safer. 850W? If that’s really what we’ll need, then it’s a good thing components are more energy efficient today than ever before!